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Ten Cute Long Lash Styles

Sep 29, 2020
Ten Cute Long Lash Styles

Eyelashes are so much more than wispy little bits of hair on the ends of our eyelids; they can create a style as unique as we are, so it’s no surprise we are all in hot pursuit of the latest and greatest in eyelash fashion and style.  

The best and only way to get the most style out of your lashes is by using false eyelash strips.  While there are many methods of enhancing your eyelashes, the only method that allows you to continuously change up your style and create new looks on a daily (or hourly) basis is using false eyelashes.  That’s because false eyelash strips are:

  • Easy on, easy off.  You can apply a great pair of stylish falsies in less than five minutes and remove them in less than thirty seconds.  You don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t have to be good at applying makeup or anything else to get your false eyelash strips on your eyes safely and effectively.  

  • Interchangeable.  Only falsies let you create your own style over and over again and change it right along with a special date, event, a different outfit, or even your mood.  With other methods of lash enhancement, like lash extensions or serums, you are locked into one look until you have the extensions replaced or you stop using the serum.  We’re all about choices, so falsies are a better option for us.

  • Affordable.  Want to build an entire lash wardrobe that you can change just like your shoes?  You can do it with false eyelashes.  With numerous styles and sets available from Doe, you can have a pair for every day of the week and a few spares for special occasions.  There’s no limit to how many different looks you can achieve with your lash sets.  

  • Safe.  We love false lashes, but we also want to preserve and protect our own natural lashes. The best way to do that is by using false eyelash strips instead of harsh eyelash extensions or serums that come with scary risks like permanent eye discoloration or eye infection.

Doe Lashes creates some of the most cloud-like comfortable lashes available.  Our lash sets are completely vegan and cruelty-free, made with 100% Korean silk fibers which closely mimic natural lashes.  Additionally, our lash bands are 100% cotton, meaning you’ll never feel them once you’ve applied them.  When you’re ready to start experimenting with the world of false eyelash strips, we’ve got you covered in every possible style to accentuate your beat.  Here are our favorite ten cute lash styles you should be trying right now.


1. Starry Night.  This lash set is one of our most popular for users who want to experience the most volume they possibly can.  This set features dual-layer volume, which means there are not one but two layers of silk lash fibers attached to the band.  This does not, however, make the lash band heavy or weighed down.  This is actually the sister pair to Morning Dew (see below), and as such, you can even wear this pair along with Morning Dew to create a lash style that is truly unique.


2. Fairy Dust.  The ultimate in everyday glam, the Fairy Dust set is also dual-layered but with lash lengths just a bit shorter than Starry Night, which makes Fairy Dust perfect for a more dramatic and sultry daytime look.  Stylish and delicate, these lashes are anything but unnoticeable.  Inspired by the magical thought of fairies, this lash set creates magic all on its own.


3. Morning Dew.  The sister set to Starry Night, this single layer, wispy fringe features subtle lash spacing for a more natural look that can be intensified by wearing with another set of lashes like Starry Night.  You definitely don’t need to add another set to create drama, though; Morning Dew looks amazing on its own.  A step above Cloud 9, this set provides a little extra glam. 


4. Really, Really Lowkey.  Our most popular set for everyday wear, RRL is a single layer lash set that is incredibly subtle and will leave people wondering if those are real or not.  Don’t worry; we totally won’t tell if you don’t. You can just attribute it to a great night’s sleep.  Trust us; you’re going to want to buy these in a three-pack.


5. Crazy in Love.  Inspired by celebrities, worn by you.  Crazy in Love features a crisscross glam pattern that mimics your natural lash growth and is perfect for creating volume and the illusion of depth, especially for those with monolids.  These lashes are just bold enough to be noticed, but not too dramatic to be so over the top.  Channel your inner Beyonce with these celebrity-inspired falsies.


6. Cloud 9.  Our most subtle pair of flare lashes, these lashes are multi-layered but ever so delicate to create the most natural-looking volume possible.  The flared outer edge of the lashes creates a beautiful design that is perfect for enhancing the upturned edges of your eyes or creating an upturn if your eyes are downturned.  Perfect for any eye shape, these lashes will leave you feeling like you’re on Cloud 9 all day.


7. UWU.  One of our most versatile lashes, UWU will elicit the same type of warm and happy feelings from your friends as the emoticon.  These lashes have a varied length throughout the length of the band, which makes them look incredibly natural and just voluminous enough to work for both daytime and evening.  This lash set is super versatile, which means you’ll want to stock up.


8. Silver Lining.  Every situation will seem to have one when you’re wearing these slightly flared lashes.  These lashes are created with just a little more volume than our Really, Really Lowkey lashes, but dramatically longer length.  For a subtle look that’s just a bit longer than some of our other lash sets, Silver Lining is the right choice.  Silver Lining is a great transitional lash if you’re just beginning to experiment with false eyelashes.  


9. Fuccboi Repellent. One of our most voluminous lashes, this style combines just the right amount of volume and length to make you the target of everyone’s eye.  Keeping the exes away from the o’s will be easier when you’re wearing these flirty eyelash shields.  These lashes are a great option for an everyday look that creates more drama without added length.


10. Whimsical.  If you’re looking for drama, this is the most drama you can ask for.  So fluffy, voluminous, and long, you would think they’d weigh you down, but they still remain lighter than air.  These lashes are the perfect fit for you if you have a special event (you know, like Monday) or just want to have the most obnoxiously loud lashes possible.  

You can get an amazing, beautiful, long eyelash look simply by trying new styles, using different makeup looks, or layering different lash styles together.  The options are endless when you have this many to wear over and over again.  

To keep your lashes looking and working their best, you just need to follow a few housekeeping rules:

  • Always apply your lashes properly.  Even when you’re in a hurry, you should always make time to apply your lashes with care.  This will make sure they don’t detach during the day and that they stay in great shape.  Trust us; you’ll love your lashes more if you apply them properly. 

  • Remove your lashes correctly.  It’s also important to remove your lashes correctly.  Proper removal will ensure that your lashes stay intact and are able to be stored properly for additional uses.  You should make sure that when you remove your lashes, you don’t rip or tear them.  Remove your lashes gently so you can easily place them back on their packaging.

  • Clean and store your lashes.  You don’t have to do much to clean your lashes; simply roll the excess adhesive off of the lash band between your index finger and thumb, so it doesn’t begin to build up.  Product buildup is one of the main reasons a used set of lashes begins to adhere less effectively.  

Once you’ve cleaned off the lash band, place the lashes back in their original half-moon packaging.  This allows your lashes to retain their shape and keeps them protected from external harm like water or getting lost.



Doe Lashes is your one-stop shop for the cutest and most voluminous looking lashes available.  If you are looking for creative ways to lengthen your lashes and still retain your own style, using false eyelash strips is definitely the best option.  You can create endless styles with the different sets of false eyelash strips available from Doe, and you can do it for less than the cost of one single eyelash extension application.  That’s a lot of extra style for babes on a budget.  You’ll also get more bang for your buck than if you decided to use a serum or just plain mascara.  Only false lash strips can give you lashes that have their own unique style and can be changed from day to day, or hour to hour.