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The 4 Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Sep 01, 2022
The 4 Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Doe Lashes is back to do what we do best — pairing you with the perfect false lash for your eye. Today we’re getting specific and looking at one eye shape in particular that can greatly benefit from the perfect false lash: hooded eyes.

Many people, including celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Natalie Portman, have an eye shape known as hooded eyes, which tend to be characteristically heavy, usually in the browbone area. For those of you with hooded eyes, you’ll know very well that it can be a unique challenge to find a lash that doesn’t weigh down your lid even more. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

We’ll go over what hooded eyes are, how false lashes can be used to complement a hooded eye shape, and even give you the four best lash styles for hooded eyes (and some of our favorite products as well).

What Are Hooded Eyes?

First things first: Hooded eyes are a specific eye shape where excess skin and soft tissue from around the brow bone covers the eyelid. The shape received its name from the “hood” effect that the brow skin has over the eyelid, causing a visible crease.

Hooded eyes are simply a result of genetics from one or both parents, but some people may develop hooded eyes as a result of aging. As we age, the muscles that support the browbone begin to weaken and may start to droop, leading to hooded eyes. Occasionally, one eye can be hooded while the other is not. Most commonly, both eyes are hooded as a result of genetics. 

Hooded eyes are completely natural and normal — and beautiful. Many people with them may be left desiring more lid space for makeup or a more eye-opening lash to uplift the sagging effect that leaves hooded eyes looking small. This is where false lashes can make a huge difference.

Can Hooded Eyes Benefit From False Lashes?

Much like makeup and contour, lashes are all about using strategic lash placement to create an illusion and desired effect. Those with rounded doll eyes might use cat eye lashes to make their eyes appear smaller and more sultry, while those with deep-set eyes might use wispy lashes to make their eyes appear lighter and more youthful. 

Everyone can use false lashes to their advantage regardless of eye shape, and hooded eyes are no different. 

One of the biggest concerns in the relationship between false lashes and hooded eyes is that falsies might weigh down an already heavy eyelid. However, with an understanding of lash styles, you can make the lash work for you. 

The 4 Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Now that we have covered everything you need to know about what hooded eyes are, let’s get down to the important stuff: what styles of false lashes best compliment a hooded eye? Here are four key styles and things to look for when purchasing a false lash for your hooded eyes. We’ve even included examples (you’re welcome). 

1. Lashes That Are Longer at the Center

Many of those with hooded eyes strive to achieve a more open, “wide-eyed” look. One of the best ways to achieve this is to choose a false lash that features its longest lashes directly in the center of the lash band, just above the iris. This style mimics a more doll-like eye shape and can pull the focus to the center of the eye and lift the lash. 

One of our favorite falsies that perfectly reflect this style is our Fuccboi Repellant lash. This lash concentrates its greatest lash length at the center but still offers a densely packed lash that is sure to turn heads.

2. Lashes With a Blended Lash Distribution

Thick, voluminous lash styles can be too heavy for hooded eyes and potentially weigh down the eyelid and cause even more shadow. But those with hooded lashes might still want a more dramatic lash that makes an impact. The clever way to achieve this statement look is with a more densely packed lash that has a blended lash distribution. 

Our favorite blended lash is the Siren Call lash which offers wispiness, flutter, and volume all in one lash. This lash features an impressive range of lash lengths that are essential for adding flare and openness to a hooded eye. 

3. Lashes With a Shortened Inner Corner

Hooded eyes are sometimes at risk of looking sleepy. Choosing a lash with a short inner corner can help mitigate this closed-off effect. This style may easily be confused with the signature cat eye lash, which features a short inner corner that progressively grows in length, reaching its longest lash at the outer corner. 

This cat eye style is not ideal for hooded eyes as it tends to make the eye appear more elongated and smaller. Instead, reach for a full volume lash that has a uniform length everywhere but the inner corner. 

Our Morning Dew lash is the perfect wispy lash featuring the eye-popping shortened inner corner. Perfect for hooded eyes, this dreamy lash is super lightweight and molds comfortably and seamlessly along the lash line.

4. Lashes With a Thin or Clear Band

Finally, the fourth best lash for hooded eyes are falsies that are made with a thin, lightweight, or invisible band. Often hooded eyes can feel weighted down or shadowed by thick, heavy lash bands. Clear bands are usually more flexible, which will help with ease of application and provide all-day comfortable wear. 

Lucky for you, our team at Doe Lashes just released a new line of lashes featuring a lightweight, completely clear band. Our favorite pair for hooded eyes from the collection is the Moonbeam lash which not only incorporates a blended lash distribution but also highlights its longest lashes at the center of the band. It was practically made for hooded eyes!

Wrapping It Up

When we’re talking about hooded lashes, the best false lashes will be the ones that offer a comfortable and flexible fit along the lash line and discreetly open up the eye with dynamic lash placement. Whether you want a soft, natural boost or to make a bold statement, there is a false lash for you and your unique eye shape. 


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