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The Manga Lashes Trend Is Taking Over Social Media

Sep 01, 2022
The Manga Lashes Trend Is Taking Over Social Media

We’re no stranger to the beautiful community of lash and makeup lovers across the internet on social media. Makeup artists on Instagram and TikTok create breathtaking looks, talent, and skills with others every day. We especially love watching our Doe Lashes lovers incorporate our lashes into their gorgeous creations. 

Social media is the place to keep up with the latest makeup and style trends, and the latest craze in the lash game is manga lashes. If that already has you scratching your head, stick around, and we will explain. 

We’re breaking down the hottest new makeup trend sweeping the internet. We’ll tell you all about manga lashes and show you how to achieve this eccentric lash at home.

What Are Manga Lashes?

Manga lashes were born out of a deep love for anime and cosplay. With their striking contrast, they are designed to mimic the doll-like big-eye look of lovable and charismatic anime characters. 

These expressive lashes are the perfect evolution of the large and fluffy doll-eye lashes, elevating them for a look that is bolder and more other-worldly than before. If doll eyelashes are the Charmander of false lashes, manga lashes are the Charizard.

The lashes themselves boast a striking yet whimsical flair crafted from the strategic placement of alternating long lash spikes and short lash fan clusters, uniquely combining for a subtle but also dramatic lash effect. Paired with a clean eye makeup look, these lashes have the potential to make your eyes appear nearly double in size.

Originally trending on East Asian social media platforms, manga lashes have quickly traversed the internet to become a beloved global makeup trend. It’s no secret why we 

are so drawn to this style of lash since lash length directly relates to attractiveness — and these lashes are definitely long. Now that you know what manga lashes are, let’s help you create this enticing look for yourself!

How To Get the Manga Lashes Look

The mega manga lash look can be achieved using several different techniques. One of the most effective methods is to individually attach single lashes or lash fans. This might be the method that requires the most skill as well. 

Don’t fear; we’re here to help! We know the secret to achieving the manga lash look. Let’s break it down step-by-step and teach you how to craft the perfect manga lashes look to give you the most adorable anime appearance. 

Step 1: Prep

Set yourself up for beauty guru success by carefully prepping the eye. Begin by applying a primer to the eyelid. This will help your lashes stay in place all day and aid in keeping them upright during placement. 

You can also apply a light nude eyeshadow to the lid to even out the tone. You will want to avoid darker eye makeup looks so that there is a strong contrast between the lashes and your eyelid (and you want all of your hard work to be easily seen, of course). 

If you want to incorporate eyeliner, try to apply a thin line of liquid black liner just at the edge of your lid (or opt for a dramatic wing if you want to be bolder). 

Step 2: Curl

Using a lash curler, curl your lashes starting at the root and moving towards the tip of the lash. This will give you the popping, eye-opening effect that mimics manga lashes and help create a uniform direction of your curl. With a clean spoolie, brush through your bare lashes to create extra volume, detangle them, and separate any clumps.

Step 3: Coat

Next, apply a thick coat of your favorite black mascara. Start by wiggling your mascara wand at the root of your lash and continue as you bring the brush to the tip of your lash. This method provides the greatest lash coverage. 

We recommend two to three coats to really get that true thick manga look. Before your mascara has completely dried down, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Tweeze 

This final step might sound a little weird at first but stick with us. Pick up a pair of our favorite Doe Tweezers. To avoid any unwanted bacteria transfer, always be sure to thoroughly clean your chosen tweezers before and after use since they will be near your eye. 

Finally, moving slowly and carefully, start at the inner corner of your lashline and pinch a small cluster of lashes (about four to six) together to create a defined spike. Then skip over a few lashes (three to five individual lashes), leaving them untouched, and repeat the pinching motion on the next small cluster of lashes. 

Continue this until you reach the outer corner of the lash, and you should have the perfect alternating pattern of thick lash spikes with wispier lash fans in between.

It is important to be gentle as you manipulate your delicate lashes, but they should cooperate easily if your lashes are still tacky from the mascara. In the end, you will have achieved a powerful (and natural) manga lash that Twiggy would be proud of. 

Skip the Single Lash Struggle

Gluing on each individual lash is extremely time-consuming and tweezing at your eyelashes may not sound like the most fun activity you could be doing during your night-out prep routine. 

That is why the easiest and most efficient way to get the doe-eyed manga lash look is to find a perfect pair of falsies that do all the work for you. Just pop them on, and you are ready to go!

Our Favorite Manga Style False Lashes

Before you go, we want to leave you with our favorite lashes that will help you get the trendy manga lash look in seconds. 

Our Siren Call (formally UWU) lash is exactly what you need if you are chasing the social media trends and jumping on the manga lash train. It gives you flutter, wispiness, and volume all in one lash and features the characteristic spikes and fans that give the manga lash its most adorable look. 

Another gorgeous false lash that offers the captivating anime eye look is our Moonlight lash. With its thick lash fans and varying lengths, this lash will be sure to draw all attention directly to you, so we hope you are ready for some seriously intense eye contact with everyone you meet. 

We hope this has helped you learn more about the iconic manga lash that has the internet buzzing. There are so many options for you to join in the fun and craft a manga lash perfect for you. Don’t forget to share your anime-inspired makeup looks with the rest of the internet (and us)!


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