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The Perfect Spooky Basket

Oct 24, 2022
The Perfect Spooky Basket

Halloween is almost one week away. This means Halloween horror moves, finding those spooky Pillsbury cookies, and going to those late-night parties. Halloween is literally one of my favorite times of year because you literally get candy for free. So for someone that loves Halloween, here’s a basket that you can give to your significant other/friend/family during this time of year. 


Pumpkin Candle 

If you want to get in the fall spirit - go grab a pumpkin-scented candle. Not only are candles relaxing, but they leave your room smelling amazing. 


Cozy Socks 

Since Halloween is going to be cold, you should get your friend some cozy socks. You can either get socks that have cute pumpkins on them or just a regular white pair. 



Halloween is known for people dressing up in crazy costumes. According to Half Magic, the Wing Magician is a “Silicone tool for a mistake-proof way to draw perfectly crisp wings for your most daring eye makeup looks”. This tool is perfect for those who have trouble drawing the right wing for their eye shape and will definitely help those with intense Halloween looks. 


doe's lashes

Depending on what kind of costume you are going for, you can also change what kind of lashes you want to wear. If you are dressing as a cute bunny,  try the new aura fairy lashes. Or if your costume is something more dramatic, try the dramatic butterfly kiss lashes



If you want to get your loved one something extra nice and on theme, try going to Bath and Body Works for this perfume. According to the website, this one smells just like a “spooky night”. 

That’s it loves! 

Go design your baskets and make sure to fill them with extra love (and candy as well). 

XOXO, your fav Halloween enthusiast, Kara