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6 Simple Valentines Day Makeup Ideas

Feb 01, 2021
6 Simple Valentines Day Makeup Ideas

It’s February, so you know what that means - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We know that you’re going to spend the day of the 14th scrambling to get ready for your big night out, so we’re here to help. 

Picking out the perfect outfit is stressful enough, so don’t let your makeup routine slow you down. When it comes to achieving the perfect Valentine’s look, simplicity is key. A simple, easy look paired with a bomb pair of Doe Lashes is all it takes to knock your dates socks off. 

1. Keep It Natural

A dinner date versus a picnic date is going to call for two very different makeup looks. With the pandemic still putting a damper on most traditional Valentine’s Day endeavors,
outdoor dates seem to be the new wave this year. If you’re planning on spending the day adventuring outdoors, at the beach, or just hanging out, consider keeping your look more natural.

Achieving The Natural Glow

Achieving the natural look might sound easy enough, but it takes practice. Remember that less is more - stick to simple eyeshadow (if any) and minimal face makeup. Your skin and eyes should be the star of the show, but if you feel like you need a little more glam, don’t be scared to throw on some
falsies to complete the look. 

#Doe Tip: Choose BB and CC creams over heavy foundations, stick to light and neutral-colored eyeshadows, and gloss over lipstick.

Let Your Skin Do The Talking 

All you need to perfect the natural look is nailing down your pre-makeup skin routine.
Keeping your skin moisturized is essential to achieving that perfect natural glow.

2. Easy Smokey Eye

More of a little black dress and fancy restaurant kinda night? We’ve got that covered too. A smokey eye is a classic go-to date-night look, but they are tricky to perfect and can become time-consuming. Here is an easy-to-follow straightforward smokey eye:

  • Step 1: Primer is key; it assures your shadows don’t mix, smudge, or smear. The last thing you want is that smokey eye turning into raccoon eyes by the end of the night. 
  • Step 2: Concealer on-top of your primer is a good idea. This way, there aren’t any veins or discoloration messing with your glam. 
  • Step 3: Now for the fun stuff - your shadow. Start with the darkest color first and work that from your lash line to the crease of your eye. Then take a small angled brush and apply that same shadow along your lower lash line, and blend, blend, blend.

#Doe tip: Don’t be too shy to venture out in the color department. No law says your smokey eye has to be black. Instead, try brown, gray, or even navy. Try to pick a color that will compliment your eyes and skin-tone best. 

3. All Red Or Pink 

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like red and pink. If you want to look extra festive, consider going all out with your reds and pinks of choice. 

Pulling Off Bright Colors 

Not everyone knows how to style or rock bright colors, especially when it comes to ones as dramatic as red; the best way to rock it is by not overdoing it.

Consider applying one shade over your entire lid and blend it out a ton; it should look very cloud-like and misty. Pair that with some flirty lashes and a popping red lip. 

The same goes for if you decide on pink - a bubble gum lip, lashes, and maybe some highlighter, and you’re set. This monochromatic look is super stylish right now, and it doesn’t take a ton of work to make it happen.

4. Easy Eyeshadow Designs 

Want to channel your inner Cupid? Then this look is right up your alley. Some cute and flirty eyeshadow designs will definitely put you in the lovey-dovey spirits. 

How To Draw The Designs

Designs might seem daunting, but it’s much easier than you’d think. Start with a deep-colored base shade (red or pink), then take a heart-shaped or Valentine’s themed stencil and line it up with the outer corners of your eyelids. Take a lighter shade than you used for your base and apply that inside the stencil. 

5. Bold Lashes And Red Lips 

We don’t have to be the ones to tell you that natural is in, and it’ll be here for a while. So, when less is more, knowing which areas to give your attention to is essential. 

Bold lashes and romantic red lips would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day combo. When you have the right shade of lipstick and an even better pair of Doe Lashes, there’s no need to spend hours on all the other stuff.

6. Sunset Shadow and Beachy Waves  

This one is for all you extra girls out there. We see you and appreciate your commitment to looking bomb 24/7. Valentine’s Day is all about looking and feeling your best, and if a killer eyeshadow look and some flirty waves do that for you, then grab your brush, and let’s go!

#Doe Tip: Stick with reds, oranges, and pinks for this look. Think about everything that makes a sunset perfect - then repeat that on your eyes. 

7. Cat Eye 

It doesn’t get much flirtier than a dramatic cat eye! Don’t be scared to whip out your favorite black liner to help draw some attention to anyone’s best attribute - their eyes.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with your S.O. or embracing the single life, don’t be scared to go all in on your look. We’ve got the solution for any situation, whether it’s an outdoor adventure or an elegant dinner date - follow this guide, and you’ll be properly powdered up no matter what!