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What Are Fairy Lashes and Why Would You Wear Them?

Jun 07, 2022
What Are Fairy Lashes and Why Would You Wear Them?

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your beauty routine, false lashes are a great option. They can add length, volume, and curl to your natural lashes, giving you a more dramatic look. However, finding the right lash can be a challenge. With so many different types and styles on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Doe Lashes designed Fairy Lashes for those of you that want to flaunt the hottest lashes of the summer. Not only will Fairy Lashes add a magical touch of understated glam to your eyes, but they also feel lightweight and comfortable. Fairy Lashes are the “it” lashes of the season.

What Are Fairy Lashes?

Doe Fairy Lashes are false lashes that have a very natural appearance. They possess a clear band, offering a less obvious falsie-styled look. The clear band makes the Fairy Lashes more versatile with makeup looks, transitioning beautifully from a day to evening style flawlessly. Apply Doe Fairy Lashes alone for an ultra-natural look any time of day. There are four Doe Korean silk Fairy Lash styles, one for every false lash lover.

Angelic Fairy Lashes

Doe Angelic Fairy Lashes radiate the ultimate summer vibe when you flaunt them. These Korean silk lashes offer comfort and versatility in one simple style. Angelic Fairy Lashes are the perfect garden party falsies for those who desire to flaunt their glam side while also appearing naturally casual.

The Angelic-styled lashes take confidence and sophistication and sprinkle them with all-natural beauty. It’s easy as a summer day with friends, sipping fizzy citrus beverages through a straw and noshing on cold fruit bites while smelling the aroma of fresh-cut grass.

Crescent Fairy Lashes

Doe Cresent Fairy Lashes are perfect to wear for batting your eyes at summer parties, hanging with long-time friends, and enjoying laughter. The sense of being comfortable in your surroundings, while also feeling beautiful is what Crescent lashes are all about. The lash band is clear and comfortable and provides a posh summer-styled lash look that is undeniably fun, flirty, and full of energy. Get ready to party because these Korean silk lashes amp up every angle of your game.

Aura Fairy Lashes

Doe Aura Lashes radiate a fresh glow that is as sweet as a summertime smoothie. This lash set offers a luxe feel with a natural, heated warmth that only summer vibes provide. Aura Lashes toss innocent ease, yet they’re full of melodic mystery. The winged lash effect gives off sweet flirty energy.

Aura Fairy Lashes' clear lash band delivers comfortable all-day wear that looks naturally crisp, clean, and flawless. Slay your day with the Aura Korean silk lashes of the summer.

Moonbeam Fairy Lashes

Everyone wants to rule the world, and you definitely will when you wear Doe Moonbeam Fairy Lashes. This lash set is meant to be worn by the brave and bold person on the go. It’s for the confident and successful achiever that creates their own pathway. Get ready to turn heads and break hearts because Moonbeam is here to throw your day into overdrive!

The clear lash band on this Fairy Lash set provides a naturally compelling lash style without all the fuss. Simply apply these Korean silk lashes and go.

What Are Clear Band Lashes?

Good question! Clear band lashes are traditional falsies, except the lash band is clear instead of black. The clear band offers a more natural appearance when you wear the falsies. They look on point with or without makeup, and you don’t have to wear eyeliner. Clear band lashes look so natural that others may mistake them for your real lashes.

Doe Lashes offers several options when it comes to clear band lashes. The Fairy Lash Collection is our latest design, meant to give your eyes the magical sparkle you deserve. They’re crafted with Korean silk fibers and a clear lash band, offering ultimate comfort and all-day wear. No fairy wings required!

Why Wear Fairy Lashes?

Why not wear Fairy Lashes? This type of false lash hands over the idea of a natural look and allows you to take the wheel on your lash game. Fairies are magical creatures, elegant, and mystical. They are beautifully unique, just like you. These beings come from a land unknown and possess a radiant, sparkling beauty.

Fairy Lashes are magical because they transition your mood as soon as they’re applied. They make you feel radiant while giving you an effortlessly styled lash look. The magic comes from the clear lash band, and this is the magic in Doe Fairy Lashes.

What’s the Difference Between Fairy Lashes and Regular Lashes?

Doe Fairy Lashes have several uniques characteristics that set them apart from traditional falsies.

  • Fairy Lashes have a clear band, while traditional falsies have a black band.
  • Fairy Lashes are light and wispy, while traditional falsies are voluminous and wispy.
  • Fairy Lashes look more natural than traditional lashes due to their clear lash band. The black lash band on traditional falsies looks like black eyeliner and may appear less natural.
  • Fairy Lashes are available in several styles just like traditional false lashes.
  • Fairy Lashes don’t require a magnetic liner.

Summing It Up

Fairy Lashes are unique for several reasons, the main reason being the clear lash band. When you’re looking for a natural summertime look without all the fuss, reach for Doe Fairy Lashes. These falsies are naturally beautiful, comfortable, and unique, just like you.

Doe Fairy Lashes are designed with Korean silk fibers, so they’re comfortable and lightweight. The clear lash band is invisible, so it’s difficult to see, creating a more natural lash style than traditional lashes. This summer season, Doe Fairy Lashes are the sleekly styled falsies you need in your lash arsenal. Fairy Lashes take your look from bland to bold in the blink of an eye.


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