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What Is a Lash Lift? The Ultimate Guide

Sep 01, 2022
What Is a Lash Lift? The Ultimate Guide

Tired of piling on layers and layers of mascara trying to boost up your lashes only to end up with a clumpy mess? If you aren’t ready to commit to the pricey world of eyelash extensions, it can seem impossible to achieve the stunning celebrity-level lashes of your dreams. 

There’s one more procedure that just might save the day. A lash lift can be a great way to enhance your natural lash without all the maintenance of pricy lash extensions.

Doe Lashes is always here to help you achieve gorgeous, fluttery lashes that you’ll love, so today, we bring you everything you need to know about lash lifts. Let’s discuss what they are, why you’ll love them, other potential options, and what to expect.

What Exactly Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is an semi-permanent treatment that offers greater fullness and thickness without the damage and price tag of lash extensions or eye makeup. Think of it like a lash perm that gives your lashes a greater curl and lift for several weeks. 

Everyone's lashes are unique and grow in different curl patterns and directions. Some lashes grow outward away from the lash line or even downward and can vary from having little-to-no curl to a tight curl. 

Lash lifts can help craft the perfect eyelash for you — no eyelash curler required. They guide the lash to swoop in a lifted direction, effectively opening up the eye and creating a uniform lash curl and direction.


When providing a lash lift, a lash technician will also apply a lash tint in addition to the lifting serum to deepen the lash color to leave you with a mascara-like darkening effect. A well-executed lash lift will leave you with long, dark lashes that enhance your beauty but also look completely natural.

How Does the Lash Lift Procedure Work?

When you arrive for your lash lift appointment, you can expect to lay down flat on a bed similar to a facial. Be prepared to keep your eyes closed for the entirety of the procedure (approximately 45 to 60 minutes). 

This is the only part of the procedure that can seem slightly uncomfortable at first until you relax in your position. Otherwise, the procedure is completely painless. The beauty treatment itself breaks down into five simple steps:

  1. First, a lash artist attaches silicone pads to your closed eyelids just along the eye area where your lashes meet your eyelid. 

  1. Then, the first lash serum is applied which is used to break down the protein in your lashes. This allows them to be easily manipulated and molded to the shape and curve of the silicone pads. 

  1. Next, a nourishing keratin lash lift serum is applied, which begins the process of conditioning and restoring the lashes. 

  1. A lash tint is applied to darken the color, and the silicone pads are removed.

  1. Finally, a pure keratin coat is applied to the lashes as a setting solution that strengthens them with an extra layer of protein. 

Why Do People Love Lash Lifts? 

Easy Preparation 

One of the reasons lash lifts are so loved is for their low-maintenance prep routine. Simply come to your appointment with a clean, bare face and remove any contact lenses prior to the procedure.

Avoid using a curling rod on your lashes or using mascara or eyeliner in your makeup routine for 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you wear waterproof mascara on the regular, it is recommended to refrain from using it three days prior to your appointment as it can leave a residue on the lashes that interferes with the lash lift treatment. 

The first and most important step is to find a reputable and experienced esthetician and to schedule a consultation prior to your appointment to ensure you have all the necessary information you need to move forward with the procedure. 


When you have your pre-appointment consultation, you will have the opportunity to speak with your lash technician and plan exactly what adjustments you want to be made to your lashes during your procedure. 

This includes applying a lash tint if you want to darken your natural lashes for a dramatic look and choosing a specific curl size. Your technician can also help you with these decisions based on your eye shape and natural lash pattern. 

Immediate Results 

Be prepared to turn heads the minute you leave your aesthetician’s office because the results are instant. You’ll have eye-popping, naturally beautiful lashes on the day of your appointment. Get ready to toss your mascara and lash curler in the bin that very same day because you will no longer need them!

What To Expect From a Lash Lift

Sounds a little too good to be true, right? You probably still have many questions about the before, during, and after of a lash lift and we are here to break it down for you. Here is what to expect on your lash lift journey.

Lash Lift Aftercare

The first 24 hours after your appointment are critical. You want to keep your lashes completely dry. No water, sweat, working out, steam, or sauna for the first 24 hours. Be careful washing your face that night so you don’t get your lashes wet and try not to rub your eyes as it can alter the curl pattern. 

Lash Lift Price

Pricing may be slightly different depending on which salon you choose. It’s typically more affordable than extensions, falling between $100 to $120 dollars per session.

Lash Lift Maintenance

The results of your lash lift are dependent on your natural lash growth cycle, which is slightly different for everyone. Generally, the effects of your lash lift will last approximately six to eight weeks. 

Lash Lift Alternatives

Lash lifts may be popular but they might not be for everyone. Want the lifted look without the patience and the procedure? Our really really lowkey and Soft Bloom lashes are two of our absolutely favorite DIY falsies that will give your lashes the dreamy but natural full-length lift you desire!

We hope this answers all of your burning questions about lash lifts. Whether you take the leap and try out a lash lift or are a fellow false lash follower, you can have the lovely lifted lashes you’ve always wanted.


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