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What Is the Best Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes?

Jun 07, 2022
What Is the Best Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes?

If you’ve never worn magnetic lashes before, you may not realize that this type of eye makeup requires magnetic eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner is the best for magnetic lashes because it's the only liner that holds them in place. Let’s dive into magnetic eyeliner and why it's better than even the best drugstore liner for applying magnetic lashes.

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are smudge-free long wear false lashes that come in many natural and dramatic styles. Instead of having to apply these falsies with lash glue, you can just use the liner and apply the lashes on your own! magnetic eyeliner adheres these beauties to your lash line. Magnetic lashes come in a variety of fiber materials such as silk, mink, sable, and synthetic. These materials are all generally safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

Magnetic lashes have anywhere between six to 10 tiny magnets on the lash band that adhere to the magnetic liner once it's applied.

With these lashes, you can easily achieve virtually any eye makeup look you want, from the classic cat-eye look to tightlining a smoky eye with prominent lashes to a perfect winged liner look.

What Is Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner is a liquid liner that contains iron oxide. Iron oxide is a common ingredient in the magnetic liner that is safe for use around the eye area. Black eyeliner is the most common; however, some brands offer colors such as brown, blue, green, and other vibrant colors. The magnetic liner glides across your lash line just like your favorite best liquid eyeliner and comes off effortlessly with an oil-based makeup remover.

How Do Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Work Together?

Magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes are besties because they work together to provide the most glam look ever. For precise application, add the magnetic liner to your lash line with a felt tip applicator and allow it to dry. Then, carefully place the magnetic lashes over the liner. You can also use the eyeliner to darken your waterline or accentuate hooded eyelids for a smokey look.

The waterproof formula and tiny magnets on the lash band allow the lashes to quickly attach themselves to the magnetic liner, providing all-day staying power and an amazing color payoff that you feel comfortable flaunting.

When removing the lashes, simply peel them away from your lash line by the lash band. Remove the residual liner flakes from the lash band with a cotton swab and oil-free makeup remover. Then, store the lashes in their box or your lash case. Store in a cool, dry, and dark area until you’re ready to flaunt them again. Doe magnetic lashes may be worn up to 60 times if cleaned, stored, and handled as directed.

How Does Magnetic Eyeliner Differ From Regular Eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner is very similar to regular eyeliner, but the main difference is in its formula. The magnetic liner contains synthetic iron oxides along with other ingredients that produce magnetic attraction.

In fact, many makeup products contain iron oxides to give the cosmetics a brown, black, red, or yellow pigment. These cosmetics do not contain the additional ingredients that make up the magnetic components. Makeup that may contain iron oxides includes:

  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Gel Eye Crayons and Gel Pencils
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Hair Dyes

Why Doesn’t Regular Eyeliner Work With Magnetic Lashes?

Even though your regular eyeliner may contain iron oxides, it won’t hold those magnetic falsies to your eyes. Why you may ask? Magnetic eyeliner contains unique magnetic particles that attract the tiny magnets on the magnetic lash band.

It is a potent formula that keeps your lashes attached all day without the use of lash glue. Regular eyeliner, however, does not contain the additional ingredients to provide magnetic properties.

Can You Use Regular Eyeliner With Magnetic Liner at the Same Time?

Yes! If you want to layer regular pencil liner and magnetic liner together, you can, but you must apply the regular eyeliner first. Then, use the magnetic liner on top. As any makeup artist will tell a beginner, the magnetic liner must be applied over the traditional liner to expose the magnetic properties. The magnets need the liner for lash adherence. Any colors or varieties of your fav eyeliner, such as liquid, pencil, and gel, can be used as long as the magnetic liner is on top!

Can You Use Magnetic Eyeliner Without Magnetic Lashes?

There’s no reason to wear a magnetic liner without magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyeliner can be tricky to remove, so it’s best to use an oil-based makeup remover to remove the magnetic liner.

Why Choose Magnetic Lashes Over Regular Falsies?

There are several reasons why your best friend might choose magnetic lashes over regular lashes. Before you talk them out of it, check out these reasons why:

  • Magnetic lashes are easier to apply for some people.
  • Magnetic liner is less toxic than lash glue.
  • Magnetic lashes can be used repeatedly as long as they’re properly maintained.
  • Magnetic lashes cause fewer allergies than lashes applied with glue.
  • Magnetic silk and mink lashes look more natural than synthetic lashes.

What Is Clear Magnetic Liner?

Iron oxide is the main ingredient in the magnetic liner that gives it its “pull and attract” feature. Since iron oxide is naturally black in color, it is questionable whether clear magnetic eyeliner actually works. Clear magnetic liners most often contain iron powers and other ingredients that don't work as hard to perform, like magnetic eyeliners that contain iron oxide. Unfortunately, these types of clear eyeliners may not live up to the hype, because they provide a weaker connection between the magnetic lashes and your lash line.

Bottom Line

Magnetic liner holds your lashes in place all day, providing the peace of mind you need when wearing falsies. Simply glide the liquid liner across your lash line, allow it to dry, then place the magnetic lash band over the liner. Doe Neo-Lashes and Neo-Liner work together beautifully to give you a bold, daring eye look that’ll make a trend-worthy statement you’ll adore.


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