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When To Wear Fluffy Lashes and How

Jul 25, 2022
When To Wear Fluffy Lashes and How

When it comes to traditional false lashes, big and bold is the name of the game. While some might prefer to reach for a delicate, barely-there lash, we will always support you in grabbing that voluminous, fluffy lash that’s sure to turn heads.

But not all fluffy lashes have to be daring and dramatic — some can give you that ethereal, glossy-eyed sweet look that’s as soft as cotton candy. No matter what your personal taste, there is a fluffy lash calling your name. 

Doe Lashes has a wide collection of fluffy lashes that can suit anyone’s style, and we can’t wait to show them to you. We want to pair you with your ideal, fluffy lash that will make your eyes twinkle and shine, so let’s get into everything we know about fluffy lashes, why we love them, and where you can wear them.

What Are Fluffy Lashes?

Much like their name suggests, fluffy lashes are a category of false lashes characterized by their feathery-soft texture and airy presence. Fluffy lashes are sometimes called wispy lashes due to their flossy appearance.

Though they may seem light as a bird, these voluminous lashes pack a punch and add a dramatic flair to any makeup look. Fluffy falsies integrate varying lash lengths along the band to enhance their unique wispiness and highlight the long lash length. 

Why Should You Choose Fluffy False Lashes?

We love fluffy lashes not just for their captivating flutters but also for their versatility. Within this category of falsies, there is a variety of effects that cater to every eye shape:

Doll Effect

The doll effect occurs when the longest lashes are in the center of the lash band and taper outwards towards the corners of the eye. This rounds out the shape of the eye and makes it look large and baby doll-like. 

This is a super fun effect to try on any eye shape, though those with almond eyes and round eyes will see the most impact.

Squirrel Effect

In this effect, the longest lashes are off-center towards the outer corner of the eye, just under the brow's arch. The lashes on either side quickly taper off into shorter lashes that go until the inner and outer corners of the eye. The squirrel effect creates an off-centered angle that is cute and unique. 

This effect is fun for any eye shape and can make eyes look more expressive and graceful.

Cat-Eye Effect

The highly sought-after cat-eye effect focuses the longest lashes on the very outer-most corner of the eye with an even distribution of descending lash length towards the inner corner. 

Cat eyes provide a striking contrast from our natural eyelash pattern, where our lashes tend to hit their longest length under the brow's arch. It is also universally flattering on most eye shapes, which is why the effect is so popular.

Where Can I Wear Fluffy Lashes?

Wear Your Fluffly Lashes on a Date

The wispy texture of a fluffy lash makes it the perfect companion on a first (or hundredth) date. The fluffy lash encourages your most flirtatious self to show up confidently to any date and guarantees a good first impression. Just bat your fluffy beauties at your new love interest and know that they will come running back for a second date.

Wear Your Fluffly Lashes out in Nature

These airy lashes are perfect for summertime picnics, romantic beach sunsets, or casual walks through the park. Perhaps it’s their resemblance to a feathery cloud, but there is something innocent and earthy about fluffy lashes that beg to be out in the fresh air and beaming sunlight.

Wear Your Fluffly Lashes out on the Town

One thing is undeniable about fluffy lashes — they are meant to be seen. Take your wispy lashes out for the night and inflict your inviting gaze on every stranger you encounter. It will be no surprise when your bright eyes start stealing glances from others no matter where you go.

Wear Your Fluffly Lashes Anywhere You Want

The best part about fluffy lashes is that they are suitable for almost any occasion. Falsies are there for you to enhance your already beautiful self and feel confident as you go about your life. Anywhere you go, a fluffy lash can follow anywhere you go and brighten your day and your eyes.

Our Tips For Fluffy Lashes

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

If you are just being introduced to fluffy lashes, don’t be afraid to try multiple styles to find what suits you best. Just as there are a variety of lash effects, there are also variations in lash volume and density. 

Everyone’s face is unique and a lash that may look dramatic on your eye may look incredibly natural on someone else. Narrow down the lash style and density until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Clean Them Thoroughly 

Thankfully, many lashes available now are reusable (better for the environment and your wallet!) and can last through weeks to even months of use with the proper care. To ensure you are maximizing your lash usage, take gentle care of them and be sure to clean them regularly between uses using a makeup remover and gentle cleanser.

It is essential to remove all excess glue or other lash adhesive from the lash band in between uses as bacteria can stay in the glue residue and later transfer to your eye. Most fake lash eye complications are due to irritations from the lash adhesive. Properly washing and storing your lashes is the best way to ensure your safety as well as the longevity of your lashes.

Train Yourself for All-Day Wear

This tip is mainly for our new lash wearers but can be helpful for everyone. Although these fun, fluffy lashes look like a wispy cloud of candy floss, if you are not a regular falsie wearer, the longer and denser styles of fluffy lash might feel a little heavy on your delicate eyelid. You may even be distracted by the voluminous fan of lashes fluttering into your vision every couple of seconds. 

Our best advice is to not expect a perfect 16-hour day of wear from brand new lashes. If you have the chance, test run your lashes for shorter periods of time to get comfortable with the weight and feel of the lashes. This also gives you practice in applying the lash and finding the most effective adhering process. 

Our Favorite Fluffy Lashes for You To Try

If by now we have you hooked on our love for fluffy lashes, here are some of our favorite wispy wonder lashes so you can start wearing them and wooing others right away:

Butterfly Kiss

A lash as delicate as its name, the Butterfly Kiss lashes are sweet, softly flared lashes that are perfect for everyday wear and add a flirtatious flutter to any look. These lashes even feature Doe Lashes’ signature neo-magnetic band, which makes applying this lash easier than ever before when paired with their neo-liner.

Silver Lining

Bolder than the Butterfly Kiss, the Silver Lining lashes offer a little bit of everything: volume, fluff, glam, and softness. These are the perfect full fluffy lash that will make an incredible addition to your lash collection. Trust that no one will be able to look away when you flutter these powerful lashes in their direction.

Wrapping Fluff Up

Fluffy lashes really can do it all: softness and subtly or playfulness and glam. Start experimenting to find the perfect fluffy lash that's waiting for you. Check out our collection of best sellers for even more of our favorites.


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