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Why you should try False Lashes

Oct 05, 2020
Why you should try False Lashes

You’ve tried curling your lashes,

You’ve tried layering on 5 coats of mascara,

And you’ve tried making your DIY lash serum from castor oil.

Yet somehow your best friend Kevin has the most enviable pair of naturally thick and full lashes without having to do any of that. 

Life is unfair. 

Hannah Montana once said “you can change your hair and you can change your clothes.” 

But she totally forgot to add that you live that double life and change your lashes too. From flirty to fun, casual to glam, you can have it all. 

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should try false lashes...


To add that little extra OOMPH to your look

Sometimes we just need a little extra kick. Just like how a fresh cup of coffee is the best way to add to your morning routine, false lashes are the best way to enhance your look and give you just the right amount of length enhancement suitable for everyday wear.

For a quick everyday glow up

Sometimes, less is more. On those lazy days when you want to look cute without putting on a fully beat face, false lashes are the perfect solution. Pop a pair on and they immediately enhance your eyes for that effortless no makeup-makeup look. 

Because people can only see your eyes anyways

When we keep ourselves safe from Miss Rona, half of our face is no longer being seen. We can kiss our favorite lipsticks and lip glosses goodbye for now as we look to embrace new and creative eye looks. 

To add flare and glam to an otherwise normal look

You’ve mastered your eyeshadow game, sharpened your winged liner, and created the perfect backdrop for your lashes. But the only problem is that your lashes aren’t as dramatic as your eye makeup. You’re a strong, independent individual who doesn’t settle for less, so why should your lashes? It’s time to amp up the drama and finish off with a striking pair of lashes.

If you wear the right ones, you won’t even notice they’re there

What if we told you that you never ever have to suck it up and get used to wearing heavy, itchy lashes? We can feel your excitement from here. You’re in luck. Contrary to popular belief false lashes are actually NOT supposed to feel uncomfortable and irritate your eyes. 

You can actually experience cloud-like comfort.

No, seriously-

No irritation.

No heavy feelings. 

We literally crafted the softest and most comfortable pair of false lashes.

Oh and by the way, we also wanted to save you the troubles of being a newbie navigating the world of false lashes and curated the Subtle Starter Pack--an assortment of five unique lash styles that range between subtle and wispy to full and lengthy, yet can all be worn every day. 

The Subtle Starter Pack 


Fairy Dust - Sprinkle some fairy dust and they can cause magical moments to fill your day. We went ahead and sprinkled some on our lashes to create this wispy and flirtatious pair. But a  little voice told us “don’t be shy, put some more.” So we did. And made the dual-layered lashes of your dreams. 


 Really Really Lowkey - These lashes are subtle and natural with a hint of volume, making them the perfect addition to an everyday look that’ll have people wondering, “Maybe she’s born with it...maybe it’s Doe Lashes”.


Morning Dew - Looking for a pair of playful lashes that help highlight your eyes? This gentle wing shaped lash does just that with a full volume outer corner for that everyday glamour. Don’t need to overthink it. Just Dew It.


Cloud 9 - Hello passengers, welcome aboard flight D03 to destination Ultimate Comfort. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments as we prepare for take-off. Thank you for choosing to fly with Doe. Enjoy your flight!



Silver Lining - If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with such a wide variety of lash styles to choose from, just know that there’s optimism and hope somewhere no matter how bad the situation gets. Trying to find the silver lining? This is it. With a tad bit more volume and length than our usual collection it’ll help you see the bright side.


Doe Lash Applicator - Lets pluck away your worries, this beginner friendly tool allows you to apply false lashes like a pro. For a seamless and secured application, it’ll make you look like a seasoned lash wearer.

Ok so by now we’ve (hopefully) convinced you to give false lashes a go, but maybe you’re not ready to buy 5 pairs all at once? That’s cool too! You can explore and find your perfect match here

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