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Free Lash Glue
Free Lash Glue
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Free Soothing Eye Mask
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Lashes That You Can Wear Everyday

We made award-winning natural strip lashes so you can look your best — all day every day.

20+ styles for every look

Ultra-fine Korean vegan silk fiber

Wearable over 16 times

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Lashes That Lasts

Natural Looks

Our ultra-fine hair fiber mimics your natural lash hair to give you a flawless lash extension without the price tag.

Apply in 60 seconds

Our signature cotton band makes application as easy as just trim, glue, and apply!

All Day Comfort

Lashes were never made to be comfortable all day — until now. We know how much it means to not have to think about something stuck on your eyes for hours.

Our Lash Collections

Meet our collections: 2.0 includes our signature flexible lash band for a weightless experience. neo is magnetic to make application a snap. Just line, apply & go! fairy is our most natural collection featuring a clear lash band & wispy fibers.

2.0 Lashes

Our signature collection with black cotton band and ultra-fine Korean silk fiber. Dawn features subtle everyday lash styles while Dusk features slightly more dramatic and flirty lash styles.

Neo Lashes

Magnetic lashes featuring 10 mini magnets that hugs your eyes perfectly with no irritation or discomfort.

Fairy Lashes

Clear band lashes for days when you just want a little touch-up on your eyes without overdoing it. Perfect for those no makeup days but you still want your eyes to sparkle.

Meet Our Starter Packs

Discover Your Perfect Look with Our Variety of Lash Styles in the Starter Pack!

Subtle Styles

Glam Styles

Magnetic Lashes

Clear Band

the doe difference

Handcrafted on a cotton band that is woven at a perfect thickness to feel invisible on your eyes, each pair of lashes is made with Korean silk fiber for a lightweight, soft feel and natural look.

Synthetic Silk Lash Fibers

Variety of Lash Band Style

Number of wears

Truly Weightless Experience


Lash Brand $$


the hype is real

We believe that your lashes should be beautiful and comfortable, and you can finally have it all.

Sarah C.

my go-to, will be reordering!

one of the first doe lashes i bought, and this is my favorite! i'm going to be reordering this. so natural and not too intimidating!

my eyelids make it really hard for any type of mascara or curler to make a difference and hold up for a while, and this accomplishes a natural lash while not making it too obvious i have falsies on.

Catherine B.

Worth the Hype

These lashes are my faaavorite and go to. I love the shape and how it gives you a really sweet and romantic look.
They're super light and comfy - I really have no complaints. They can be casual or are perf for a big night. Best lashes!

Levi L.

Fits seamlessly to my eyes

The material that is used for the lashes is so lightweight that it almost makes you feel as if it isn't there at all.

The best thing about this product is that if you apply it correctly, you won't ever need to touch up or reapply it again throughout the day.

Ready to Feel the Difference?

We’re known to make the most comfortable lashes that you can wear everyday

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