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False Eyelash Care Instructions

Lash care is essential to maintaining the beauty of your Doe lashes. The secret to maximizing your lashes is in proper storage and cleaning. This ensures you can get up to 16 wears out of your Doe lashes before having to replace them again!

Step 1

Remove Them First by Gently Pulling from the Base.

I get that it can be tempting to just rip off your lashes and stick them on your bathroom mirror but trust me-you don’t want to do that! If you're wearing lashes, remove them first by gently pulling from the base. Slowly peel the lash band away from your real lash starting at the outer edges and be very careful to not to tear any lash hairs off in the process.

Step 2

Clean off the Excess Glue.

Next it's time to clean off the excess glue that holds those falsies on tight. Use your finger tips to remove the residual glue left over from application for a clean band that's ready to be used again, just like new! Place them back into the original container to help prevent unnatural bending of the lash band and fibers.

Step 3

Give your lashes new life.

After using your lashes a couple of times, it's important that you freshen them up by giving them a quick soak in lukewarm water. Pat out any excess water and let them air dry. Place your lashes back into their original case so they maintain their natural shape and curl.

Now that you’ve mastered how to properly remove and clean your Doe lashes, let your imagination run wild with creative looks for all occasions!