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Doe Rebrand

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for your time and helping us with making some design decisions.

We're going through a rebranding effort, where we're going to change the name of the brand, the design, packaging, color scheme, and everything in between in order to have a clearer brand direction. 

The new brand name is going to be called Doe Lashes, and it is inspired by the long and beautiful lashes that baby deer doe have. Like a baby deer doe, our lashes are soft and gentle to the touch, and we want to reflect that idea through softer colors in our design and experimenting with different design patterns.

One core design that I requested from the designer was a deer spot pattern on our packaging, and you can see the designer experimenting with different styles on the box. 

I wanted to do this rebrand because I didn't want to look like all the lash brands in the western market at the moment, where everyone shares the same style and font. I've recruited a South Korean design firm specializing in beauty products to take lead in the rebranding effort. We want to create a design concept that gets your attention while being able to convey the core brand message.

The purpose of this brand is to introduce a collection of unique lash designs that are crafted with care and made with your comfort in mind. We want to make beautiful lashes easy to wear for those who aren't able to have natural lash hairs and struggle to put them on, as well as enhancing the looks of everyone's eyes with our medium to glam styles. 

Please view the PDF file for our branding proposal in the previous page and screenshot designs that you like so you can use it for reference when you're answering the survey. We will be messaging you a gift after all survey responses have been collected and reviewed.