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Q: What are the false lashes made of?

Doe Lashes are made with ultra-fine Korean silk fiber and crafted using a light cotton blend to create the cotton band that gives it a weightless feeling.

Q: Why are false lashes so popular?

False lashes are popular because it can accentuate the wearer's eyes without heavy eye makeup. It's a simple way to add a little touch to your every day makeup looks. 

Q: How long can you wear false eyelashes?

Doe's false lashes can be worn over 16 times with proper care. Always remember to remove the lash adhesives after each use and put it back in the lash case to retain its shape. See the care instructions here.

Q: How long do false eyelashes stay on?

False eyelashes can be worn throughout the day with the right glue. We recommend adding a tad bit extra on the ends of the stripe to avoid the corners falling off. Also trimming the lashes to the correct length (after measuring with your eyes) can help it stay on as it doesn't constantly brush against the corner of your eyes. 

Q: How to take care of false eyelashes?

To remove the lashes, use the tips of your fingers to grasp the edges and peel it off your eyelids.
After removing, you can see that the lashes will have an adhesive strip stuck at the base. Use your fingertips to remove the adhesive. Remember to hold onto the cotton band rather than the hair while doing this as the hairs are delicate and can fall off.
After your lashes are clean and dry, store them in their original case to maintain the shape until it’s time to use them again. 
See the full care video here.

Q: Can you shower with fake eyelashes?

We do not recommend getting the false eyelashes wet as it could warp the shape of the lashes and damage the hair. 

Q: Are false eyelashes hard to put on?

False eyelashes are actually incredibly easy to put on with a few practices. See our wear tutorial here.