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These 5 reasons will convince you to try doe’s newest color contact lens collection

1. All of the lenses are made to be hydrated and comfortable

Most color contact lenses are made for cosmetic reasons, offering a wide range of colors and designs but leaving the comfort of wear as an afterthought. doe’s contact lenses are made with a hydrogel material (etafilcon A) with 58% water content, making them more breathable for your eyes and moisturizing all day long.

2. One of the few FDA-approved color contact lens brands in the United States

Contact lenses are heavily regulated in the United States which turns most color contact lens brands away to operate in other countries. Our supply-chain are vetted by the FDA, backing up our standard of quality and our commitment to make products that are truly safe for your eyes.

3. Made in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS

doe’s first expansion into color contact lenses got the stamp of approval not just from the FDA, but from one of Asia’s largest character collections LINE FRIENDS. After working hard with other brands like BTS, Funko Pop!, The Minions and dozens others, they worked with us to introduce our first collection with their cutest characters Sally, Brown, and Cony.

4. Embrace feeling natural

One of the many reasons why doe is loved by many is for its lashes’ comfortable and natural feeling. We took this same principle to the color contact lenses and prioritized the natural feeling that you can experience with our lenses. Our colors are on the subtle side to accentuate your natural eye color.

5. 30 days trial period on all lenses

We get it, trying something new can be intimidating, not knowing how it’ll feel and whether or not you’ll like it. At doe, we have an incredible return policy that lets our customers try any of our products and only keep them if they love them. This means you can try our lenses for 30 days and return them for a full refund if they don’t suit your taste.