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The Evolution of Our Starter Pack: From a Simple Paper Book to a Sustainable Fan Favorite

In the dawn of our company's history, every great idea started somewhere. For us, it was a humble paper book for our starter packs. Little did we know, this unassuming beginning would soon evolve into what is now our beloved and celebrated starter tin. 

It’s been a year since we launched the redesigned 2.0 Starter Pack and we couldn’t have been happier with the change. Not sure how many of you were here before the reusable tins were here, but do you guys remember when we had the starter pack that looked like books?!

Humble Beginnings: The Paper Book

The paper book was where it all started. With our focus on creating affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly products, we chose the paper book as our initial packaging due to its low cost and recyclability. However, we discovered that while functional and somewhat sustainable, these paper books weren't being actually reused and did not provide the longevity or durability our customers needed during the shipping process.

The Birth of an Idea: The Evolution

Recognizing this issue, we put our creative minds together and thought - how could we continue to honor our commitment to sustainability and affordability, while providing a solution that could withstand the test of time? The answer was clear: our now-iconic starter tin.

The Journey of Design

Designing the starter tin was a journey of innovation and meticulous consideration. We were inspired to create the tin to progress our effort in sustainability and create a better experience for our customers. 

We understood that our solution had to be more than just a container; it needed to align with our brand's ethos, aesthetic appeal, and practicality. Our team delved into numerous designs, materials, and sizes. We explored various shapes, colors, and even deliberated the perfect 'click' sound the tin would make when closed including whether the tin cover should be hinged or unhinged. 

After several design iterations, we arrived at our current incarnation: a sleek, recyclable tin that embodies our commitment to the environment and passion for design. They are reusable for anything (we even store cookies in them!) and look gorgeous on your table.

The 2.0 Starter Pack: A Vanity Table Staple

Today, our starter pack has become more than just a container; it is an experience.

When customers receive their first starter tin, they become part of our journey, embracing our vision for a sustainable, design-centric lifestyle. The tin, designed to be reused and refilled, underscores our belief in reducing waste and promoting longevity in products. 

With each refill, we hope our customers are reminded of their contribution to a more sustainable world. The 2.0 Starter Pack has indeed come a long way from its predecessor, the simple paper book, encapsulating our mission, vision, and values in a tangible, practical, and beautiful form.

We believe that our starter pack is more than just a product - it's a symbol of our company's journey, a testament to our innovation and commitment to sustainable living. 

Stay tuned to witness how this humble tin continues to evolve, embodying our ever-growing commitment to sustainability and design. We are excited about the chapters yet to be written!

Thank you for joining us on this trip down memory lane, celebrating the journey of our starter pack. Let's continue to embrace a sustainable, design-centric lifestyle, one starter pack at a time.

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