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Why Use False Lashes

False Lashes shouldn’t be designed to cover your lashes, but to accentuate them. At Doe Lashes, we’re not hiding your natural beauty; we’re highlighting it! Embrace your outer beauty without irritation, heaviness, or feeling like you're faking it or having to rely on heavy, dry mascaras.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about false eyelashes, like how to apply them like a makeup artist, extend their lifespan with proper maintenance, different lash styles to choose from, and the cardinal rules of lash life! 

Why Use False Lashes

False lashes are used as a secret weapon of sorts. When you have a great pair that mold perfectly to your eye shape, are lightweight, stay put, and you forget they are even there—you know you hit the jackpot. 

To Emphasize Your Eyes, Of Course!

False eyelashes can kick any look up a few notches, whether it’s fullness, length, or just some more spice to make your eyes really pop! The best false eyelashes can do all that and more. Batting your eyelashes is so much more fun with some added oomph on your eyes. 

For Special Occasions

Perhaps you’re the type that doesn’t go all-out unless they have a special event and want to make a show-stopping appearance. False eyelashes are the perfect way to level up your everyday look and turn heads in your direction. 

To Change-Up Your Look

Maybe you’re just ready to level up your makeup routine and want to try something new. False lashes are the perfect way to upgrade your look. With so many different styles of false lashes to choose from, you can reinvent yourself and your style every time you get ready. 

How To Use False Lashes in 7 Steps

If you want to live the luxury lash lifestyle, there are a few things you must learn first. If you’re trying false lashes for the first time, be patient and don’t expect it to be perfect on your first go at it. BUT - it gets easier every time. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when applying your false lashes: 

Step 1: Finish Your Makeup Look

Applying your false lashes should be the last step to your makeup application. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Supplies

You’ll need scissors, a lash applicator or tweezers, a lash adhesive, and eyeliner. 

Step 3: Measure the Lash Strip

Hold the false lashes up against your eyelid and determine whether it should be trimmed to match your eye. Be careful when doing this and start small—you can always trim more, but you can’t repair them if you take too much off! 

Step 4: Apply Your Lash Glue

Don’t simply glob it on and immediately try to stick it to your eyelid. Remember: a little glue goes a long way. The lash glue needs about 30 seconds to dry a bit after applying it to the lash band. The goal here is to have the glue dry up a bit, so it gets tacky and sticks easier. 

Life Hack: While you’re waiting the 30 seconds, bend the strip to make the ends of the lash band kiss—this better distributes the lash glue to the tips of the ends, so they don’t lift while you’re wearing them. 

Step 5: Peer Downwards Into The Mirror

While you might think you should look straight ahead into a mirror the way you do the rest of your makeup, the best way is to angle your mirror upwards at a perpendicular angle. In this position, with your eyes looking down, you’ll be able to see better where exactly you are placing the strip. 

Doe Tip: Don’t close your eyes when you are applying them because it changes the natural shape of your eyes! You want the false lashes to stick to your eyes how you will be wearing them—with your eyes open. 

Step 6: Conceal The Lash Band

This is where that eyeliner comes in handy. Liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner with an angled brush will be the easiest to work with. Draw a line from your inner eye to where the lash band begins on your eye and then where it ends—you can even do a little cat-eye wing flick if you’re feeling that. This helps blend the line of the lash band to your natural lash line. 

Step 7: Rock Your New Look

Your eyelashes should remain on for the whole day, but if you are sweating or moving around a lot, every lash pro knows it’s a safe bet to always carry lash adhesive around with you for any needed touchups. 

How To Remove False Lashes

When it comes time to take off your false lash look and cuddle up to sleep, there are some tips to follow if you want to keep your false lashes and natural lashes in tip-top shape. 

Before removing your makeup, grip as close to the lash band as possible with your fingertips. Don’t pull on the tips of the lashes because you can easily rip them out and damage the false eyelashes. Grip the lashes at the base by starting in the middle of your lash line and gently tug them off. 

Because Doe Lashes are made with a cotton band, the adhesive glue will stick onto the lash band when you remove it instead of on your eye. To remove this adhesive, grip the lash band and work your way down the lash band, gently pulling off the adhesive. 

How To Maintain False Lashes

How high-quality your false eyelashes are will be a determining factor in how long they last. But how you care for them can also shorten or lengthen their lifespan.

Some cheap lashes can be worn only once or twice, but if you invest in false lashes hand-made with great materials, they can last up to 16 wears. Follow these tips to make sure you properly maintain your false lashes so they can last as long as possible. 

Lash Storage

When you’re not wearing them, keep your false lashes in a clean, dry place like the package they came in. Don’t leave them out in the open or on your bathroom vanity, where they will be subject to dust and other debris. 

Cleaning Lashes

After your lashes have been used a few times, they may need a good cleaning. If there is build-up of residual eyeliner, eyeshadow, or other makeup, it’s time for wash day. To clean your lashes, soak them in warm water and then either pat dry gently with a lint-free towel or allow them to air dry. 


Sometimes false lashes have a tendency to clump together. And after you’ve cleaned and dried your lashes, they may need some fluffing. You can use a lash fluffer to fluff them out and keep them nicely separated and flared. 

What Kind of False Lashes Are There?

With all the different kinds of false lashes out there, you may be wondering what your options are and which one is best for you. 


One of the newest false lash products on the market is false lashes that stick to a magnetic eyeliner. The eyeliner is infused with iron oxide - which has magnetic properties. The lash band has magnets attached to it which stick onto the magnetic eyeliner. Iron oxide eyeliner is safe for your eyes and non-toxic, but the weight of magnetic eyelashes can really weigh your eyelids down. 

For some people, magnetic lashes are great when you want to show out for a photo shoot or a few hours at an event, but extended wear can permanently weigh your eyelids down. 

Lash Extensions

If you’re not afraid of commitment and have the funds—professionally applied lash extensions could be an option for you. BUT, there are a few problems that come along with this 24/7 glamorous lash look. 

While the price for these lashes can be irritating alone, they can also be irritating to the cornea. Conjunctivitis can be caused thanks to a hypersensitivity to the adhesive glue used. Most glues are formaldehyde-based (which is a known allergen!) and cause reactions for many people, making them itchy and swollen. 

Lash extensions also cause lash loss, called “traction alopecia.” It’s caused when your lashes fall out due to excessive stress on the hair shaft. It can damage the hair shaft permanently, which can seriously slow down growth or even stop producing eyelash hair altogether. 

Adhesive Strip Lashes

Our personal favorite is reusable strip lashes because they are budget-friendly, safe for your lashes, don’t require a huge commitment physically or financially, and once you've got the hang of it—a breeze to apply and remove. 

Another great thing about strip lashes you take on and remove with each makeup look is that you can constantly change up your look. False lashes come in a variety of styles, from subtle and tapered to full-out Hollywood drama. 

Doe Lashes has so many lash styles to choose from that upping your falsie game will be a cinch. Whether you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time and need something sweet and subtle or getting ready for a glam night on the town, they have something for you. And if you can’t decide which falsies you want? Check out Doe Lashes’ build your own kit so that you can choose three different styles. 

For a Subtle, Effortless, Woke-Up-Like-This Look

  • Fairy Dust: These lashes are the perfect everyday wear. They add volume, length, and a subtle boost without being too over the top. 

  • Really Really Low Key: Simply and effortlessly enhances your natural look with these wispy and extended but still low-key lashes. 

  • Cloud 9: This natural lash set is exactly where you’ll find yourself as people wonder… maybe she’s born with it? 

For a Voluminous, IG-Worthy Look

  • Starry Night: This lash style is lengthy and elegant. It’s made with a dual-layered lash band for serious volume and fullness. Long and voluminous, but still soft and weightless. 

  • Silver Lining: The perfect in-between of natural and luxurious. These lashes are a couple of steps up from subtle. 

  • Morning Dew: These lashes are tapered for a cat-eye look. They’ll help with lifting your eyes up and outwards, thanks to some extra volume at the outer corners. 

Lash Sets for an After-Dark, Glamorous Look

  • UWU Lash: Not too full and voluminous, but with extended length that nearly hits your brows. These lashes are perfect for batting your eyes from across the bar. 

  • Fuccboi Repellent: Max volume and full thickness for serious dimension. 

  • Crazy in Love: You’ll really make a statement in these, with a distinct lash formation that is sure to make you stand out. 

  • Whimsical: All the drama and all the passion. These lashes are for a bold eye look with a sexy smolder. 

Lash Rules To Live By

If you want to be a part of this false-lash life, there are some rules you’ll have to follow. To get the most out of your lash look and your fake lashes, whether you’re a beginner or a master, cross your heart and abide by the following: 

Rule #1: Avoid Oil-Based Makeup Products.

Oil-based eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyelid primer can be damaging to the false lash band and can dissolve your eye glue, causing them to not stick. Be careful about what cleanser and makeup remover you’re scooping from the drugstore or Sephora, so you know what’s in them. 

Rule #2: Don’t Sleep on False Lashes.

Ok, don’t sleep on great false lashes, but also don’t sleep in them. Never, ever wear them to bed, and if you take a nap, we’re talking full-on, face-up Sleeping Beauty pose. If you sleep on them, they can get bent and damaged beyond repair, and no lash lover wants that. 

Rule #3: Always Trim Them to Match Your Eye Length.

This goes for both lash strips and individual lashes. If you neglect to measure your eye and trim your lashes to go with your individual eye shape, they will extend too far from your eyelid and cause your eyes to look droopy, or they might end up poking the inner corner of your eyes. 

Rule #4: Store Them Safely.

Keep the case that your eyelashes came in for purchase, and after removing them, put them back into their case neatly and seal it up, so no dust, dirt, or debris get on them. 

In Conclusion

If it’s your first time experimenting with false lashes, we promise you’ll absolutely love it, especially if you invest in the best false lashes out there. Something about long lashes that still have a lightweight feel just makes your confidence skyrocket! 

Shop Doe Lashes—with the weightlessness of a fresh cotton lash band combined with the gentleness of vegan and cruelty-free Korean silk lashes, they will look and feel like they are a part of you. 


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